About Us




G.T. & G.C. Gaynor Holdings Pty. Ltd. is a business which was founded  in 1953. The main functions of the business was to clean and repair second hand flour and potato sacks which were then resold to it's customers.

Gaynor Holdings proved to be successful by offering its customers service, quality and reliability. This has proved to be a winning combination for the past 50 years for both the company and our customers.

Over the many years that the business has been operating, trends in packaging have changed. To cater for these changes Gaynor's have also altered their ranges of packaging to suit their customers needs, this included the replacement of the second hand jute bags with  W.P.P. bags (Woven Polypropylene ).

Another innovation which saw the growth of the company was the installation of printing machines, this enabled customers to identify the prodct in the bags as well as advertise their logo on the packaging at little extra cost.

With the onset of bulk handling and bulk storage of products, Gaynor's once again added to its packaging range F.I.B.C.'s or Bulk Bags. This innovation has led to the storage and handling of product in an economic alternative to the 40 kg and 20 kg  W.P.P. Bags. F.I.B.C.'s are also an easy and efficient way of transporting products in bulk. 

As in the past, Gaynor's has evolved over the past 50 years in tune with its customers requirements. In the future we will also be keeping up with market trends so that we may be at the forefront of the packaging industry. From this expertise and knowledge the benifits can then be passed on to our customers.