Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers:F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag  F.I.B.C.'s (Bulk Bags)


F.I.B.C.'s are a cost effective means of storing and transporting many different products such as fertilisers, chemicals, sand, gravel, stockfeed, grains and food products.

G.T. & G.C. Gaynor Holdings Pty. Ltd. supplies and carries a large range of F.I.B.C.'s in stock with various styles of lifting, filling and discharge methods as well as different bases, heights, S.W.L.'s and S:F's to suit a customers requirements.

F.I.B.C.'s can be designed and tested to suit various needs of customers.

All F.I.B.C.'s supplied by Gaynor Holdings are manufactered by companies who are ISO 9001:2000 approved with third party certification.

All Non-Hazardous F.I.B.C.'s supplied by Gaynor Holdings are tested and certified to Australian Standards AS 3668-1989 by authorised Testing Authorities.  


F.I.B.C. (Bulk Bag) Models


U + 2 Panel

4 Panel Bag

Baffle Bag

Double Walled

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Tubular

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag U+2 Panel

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag 4 Panel

F.I.B.C Bulk Bag Baffle

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Double Wall

F.I.B.C. (Bulk Bag) Filling Methods

Open Top

Spout Fill

Duffle Top

Flap Top

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Open Top

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Spout Fill

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Duffle Top


F.I.B.C. (Bulk Bag) Discharge & Closure Methods

Flat Bottom

Spout Discharge

Petal Closure

Pyjama Closure

Double Closure

Conical Spout

Flap Bottom

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Flat Bottom

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Spout Discharge

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Petal Closure

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Pyjama Closure

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Double Closure

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Conical Spout

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Flap Bottom







F.I.B.C. (Bulk Bag) Lifting Methods

Cross Corner Loop

Standard Corner Loop

Single Lift Loop

Double Lift Loop

Sleeve / Tunnel Lift

Stevedore Loop

Albatross Loop

 F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Cross Corner Loop

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Standard Corner Loop

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Single Lift Loop

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Double Lift Loop

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Sleeve/Tunnel Loop

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Stevedore Loop

F.I.B.C. Bulk Bag Albatross Loop

 All F.I.B.C. (Bulk Bags) should be disposed in a responsible manner and not put into landfill to protect the environment.